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Where There’s A Will…

August 25, 2014


If I die without having a will, will the State of Maryland take my estate?

The answer to this common question is no. Is it necessary, then, to make up a will? The answer to this question, in most cases, is yes. A will is important if you have minor children so that you can be certain that your children and their inheritance are cared for by people you trust. You can also designate specific burial wishes within a will. Wills are also important so that you can be certain that your assets pass to the persons you desire in the appropriate proportions. Our firm had one situation presented to us wherein the heirs of their deceased father were able to recover nothing from their father’s estate. The father, a widower, remarried late in his life. He had a house and assets with minimal value in his individual name. He died, without a will, and because of estate succession laws, his assets went to his second wife. When she died shortly thereafter, also without a will, the assets went to her children. This was an unfortunate situation which could have been prevented had the father had a will.

Every estate is unique, and many different factors effect distribution of the estate, including, but not limited to the title of assets, degrees of relationship of survivors, and expenses allowable against each estate. Many of the factors may be controlled through provisions in a will. The best way to protect the interests of your heirs is to have a will prepared, and the best way to be certain your will accomplishes what you desire is to see the attorneys at Akman & Associates, P.C. 

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