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Maryland Decriminalizes Marijuana

October 1, 2014


A new law took effect on October 1, 2014 that decriminalized possession of marijuana of less than 10 grams. Starting October 1st, the use or possession of 10 grams of marijuana will be a civil offense.

The penalty used to come with jail time up to 90 days and/or a $500 fine, plus a criminal record. Now, this will no longer be the case. For the first offense, the citation includes a $100 fine, and the fines increase for subsequent offenses. A second offense will include a $250 fine, and the third offences will include a $500 fine. Third-time offenders and offenders under the age of 21 will also be required to attend a drug education program approved by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, refer the offender to an assessment for substance abuse disorder, and refer the offender to substance abuse treatment, if necessary.

19 states have now decriminalized a small amount of marijuana. But Maryland, with 10 grams, now has the lowest threshold of those 19 states. Most other states allow, on average, three times more.

Also, in Maryland, the criminal penalties for paraphernalia remain unchanged.

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