A Legacy of Union Advocacy

Our History

For over four decades, Akman & Associates has been at the forefront of providing unparalleled legal coverage and support to unions nationwide. Our story begins with Alvin Akman, the visionary president of Baltimore’s UFCW Local 27 for an unprecedented 30 years. Alvin Akman was a trailblazer, negotiating fringe benefits that included groundbreaking legal coverage for union members, setting a precedent that echoed across the country.

The legacy continued through Alvin Akman's son, Bryan Akman, who, after law school, seized the opportunity to bid on the legal plan he helped craft. In 1981, Akman & Associates was born, dedicated to advocating for union members' legal rights.

Today, Matt and Jared carry the torch, drawn into the family legacy to continue to bring legal services to unions across America.

Akman & Associates isn't just about legal representation; it's a commitment to empower unions. We focus on providing crucial legal services to those who might otherwise struggle to afford them, leveling the playing field and championing the rights of union members in legal matters.

Our firm's ethos revolves around serving those often marginalized in legal battles. We understand the challenges faced by union members because we've lived it. Our deep connection to the union ethos guides our unwavering dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we represent.

At Akman & Associates, our story is one of empathy, commitment, and a relentless pursuit of justice. Join us as we continue our journey, standing as a pillar of support for union members across the nation, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights protected.


  • AFL-CIO Legal Services Program

  • Associated Administrators, LLC

  • Coast to Coast Legal Network

  • Eddies Supermarket, Inc.

  • Food-A-Rama, Inc., k/n/a Metro Foods, Inc., a subsidiary of Rich Foods, Inc.

  • Maryland Classified Employees Association, Inc.

  • Timonium (Maryland) Race Track

  • United Food and Commercials Workers, Local 23

  • United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 27

  • United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 692 and 1436 (formerly the Retail Clerks)

  • United Food and Commercial Workers , Local 117 (formerly Amalgamated Meatcutters)

  • United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 152

  • United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 1459

  • United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 400

  • United Food and Commercial Workers International Union

  • United Health Maintenance, Inc.

  • Ultimate Legal Network

  • Warehouse Employees Union, Local 730 and Contributing Companies Prepaid Legal Services Fund

  • Fraternal Order of Police, Baltimore, Maryland

  • Philadelphia Teachers Union

  • United Auto Workers, Local 239

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