Protect Your Employees With
Pre-Paid Legal

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Protect Your Employees With Pre-Paid Legal

We’re Proud To Offer Your Business…

24/7 Access to
Legal Advice

Employees get FREE legal advice and direction on all legal matters.

Expert Legal Representation

Employees get a world-class dedicated lawyer they can always reach.

Legal Fees

100% covered for most matters or ~75% less than most regular fees

Empower Your Employees

Don't Let Your Team Defend Their Rights Alone.

Are your staff members safeguarded from the unexpected financial and mental strain of legal issues? Legal challenges can arise at any time and can be costly and complex. Without proper legal coverage, they may struggle to get the justice they deserve.

Akman Law provides an affordable suite of legal services to protect your employees where it matters most. We've carefully designed our services to offer more than just legal advice.

Peace of

Offering legal insurance can provide employees with peace of mind, knowing they're covered in case of unexpected legal disputes. This can improve their overall satisfaction with their union membership.

Enhanced Employee Protection.

Make your company more appealing to prospects and help retain current staff with a truly full coverage benefits package.

Attract and Retain Employees.

Make your company more appealing to prospects and help retain current staff with a progressive benefits package

Financial Stability

Your employees get unlimited phone, written and in person access to legal advice before problems become serious.

Equity and Fairness

Level the playing field, ensuring that all union members have access to legal services regardless of their personal income, resources, or even criminal background.

Financial Stability For Members

Traditional legal representation is costly. Most matters are covered at 100%, helping members to avoid financial strain and unexpected legal costs.

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“I recommend this law firm 100% to any and everybody. No regular attorney stuff, just a smart attorney who knows his way around the court room like doing his abc’s!”

Anthony P

The Future of Legal Services is Accessible & Affordable.

Your employees deserve legal coverage for better or for worse.

Our prepaid-employers legal services act as a safety net, offering a comprehensive and flexible legal coverage plan for your entire staff.

Employees have access to legal assistance for life's planned moments.

  • Estate planning & Will Preparation 

  • Welcoming a New Baby 

  • Purchasing their First Home 

  • Starting a Business

And for life's unplanned moments

  • Criminal, DUI, and Traffic cases 

  • Divorce and Family Law 

  • Bankruptcy  

  • Personal Injury 

  • Consumer Litigation  

  • + more!  


  • Low coverage cost as low as $1

  • 24/7 Access to a lawyer to
    consult on ANYTHING

  • A dedicated lawyer from one firm
    of experienced lawyers

  • Coverage for a wide range of areas of law

  • Free documentation review
    and preparation

  • Uncovered costs capped at $80/hr


  • $300+ an hour just to ask a question

  • Leaving messages and filling out
    forms in hopes of getting a call back

  • The potential of a different lawyer
    from a big disconnected network

  • Find a specialist for all different needs

  • Fees for simple document review and

  • Undisclosed fees and rate hikes for
    most services

“The best law firm hands down. I would refer them for any situation you may have. They make you feel like family”

Lysa M.


Akman & Associates, LLC isn't just about legal representation; it's a commitment to empower employers. We focus on providing crucial legal services to those who might otherwise struggle to afford them, leveling the playing field and championing the rights of your employees in legal matters.

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