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At Akman & Associates, we specialize in a broad range of legal services from bankruptcy to family law. Our Southpointe/Canonsburg office is dedicated to delivering personalized, affordable, and comprehensive legal solutions to meet your needs.

Our Legal Services

Akman & Associates in Southpointe/Canonsburg, PA, takes pride in offering a broad spectrum of legal services to address our clients' varied requirements. Our knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers specialize in domains such as:

  • Bankruptcy: Offering guidance through the complexities of bankruptcy, aiding in debt relief or financial restructuring.
  • Consumer Law: Advocating for your rights as a consumer against unfair practices to ensure just treatment in all engagements.
  • Family Law: From divorce and custody battles to adoption, we extend support and representation through tough familial transitions.
  • Juvenile Law: Delivering specialized legal assistance for issues involving minors, encompassing juvenile justice to guardianship.
  • Real Estate Law: Providing expert counsel and representation for dealings in residential or commercial properties.
  • Collaborative Law: Fostering amicable resolutions in family disputes, sidestepping the adversities of litigation.
  • Mediation Services: Facilitating the achievement of mutually beneficial outcomes in various legal disagreements through adept negotiation.
  • Estate Planning: Assisting with wills, trusts, and estate management to safeguard your legacy and protect your loved ones.
  • Oil and Gas Law: Expertly navigating the legal intricacies of the oil and gas sector's exploration, production, and leasing agreements.
  • Criminal Defense: Robustly defending against criminal allegations, ensuring the protection of your rights throughout the legal process.
  • Personal Injury: Championing the cause of negligence victims to procure rightful compensation for their injuries and losses.

We are committed to rendering superior, personalized legal representation across these specialties, ensuring every client in Southpointe/Canonsburg, Washington County, and beyond receives the exceptional support and outcomes they rightfully deserve.

Why Choose Akman & Associates in Southpointe/Canonsburg?

  • Deep Local Insight: With our extensive background in Pennsylvania law, we are well-equipped to provide astute legal advice tailored to the Southpointe/Canonsburg and Washington County regions.
  • Dedicated Service: We prioritize your distinctive needs, guaranteeing personalized and impactful legal representation.
  • Commitment to Community: Deeply embedded in the Southpointe/Canonsburg area, our firm is fervently dedicated to the wellbeing and success of our community.

Meet Our Southpointe/Canonsburg Team

Our Southpointe/Canonsburg team features proficient attorneys with diverse areas of expertise, all dedicated to securing the most favorable outcomes for our clients.

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Cory Johnson

3 weeks ago

Matt, Jared and the whole team at Akman & Associates were incredibly helpful, professional, and made my entire experience seamless from start to finish. Their team's wealth of knowledge and guidance were top tier. They were attentive and stayed with you every step of the way. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for legal services! No one does it better.

Danielle Zimmerman

4 weeks ago

Jared and the Akman group provided excellent services. From my first consult to the end, I was confident in every step in the process. Jared was available and more than willing to answer any questions or go over something in detail. He was professional and direct while being warm and approachable. I highly recommended him and the group.

Marquisha Christian

3 weeks ago

Jared and his associates provided the much needed legal advice to get me through my divorce. Every call, email and office visit was taken care of in a timely manner. I firmly believe Jared Akman obtained for me the best deal from a bad situation. I am so thankful for Akman and associates.